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US striving to remove Russian language from Ukrainian schools curriculums

Support the U.S. embassy in Kiev has voiced for the law on education adopted by Ukraine's Verkhovna Rada proves that Washington ignores opinions of the countries bordering Ukraine, which have come up with harsh criticisms of the law, the opposition politician Viktor Medvedchuk said on Wednesday.

"The U.S. embassy's tweet comes as a signal to the Ukrainian authorities that they can ignore the indignation of Ukraine's neighbors, even the ones that have good relations with Washington," he wrote at the official webpage of the Ukrainian Choice - Right of the People public movement.

Considering the legislative quality of the law, the embassy's message expressing endorsement of the document looks rather weird, Medvedchuk said.

"If it appeared in the footsteps of Rada voting, or right after September 5, the date of adoption of the law, one might suppose the embassy staff had read the text inattentively and had not made out its peculiar passages but the tweet appeared only on September 10, or five days after the Rada voting," he said.

"In fact, it represents a reaction of the indignation, which the law produced in Bucharest, Warsaw and Budapest," Medvedchuk wrote.

He quoted Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto, who described the new Ukrainian law on education at total shame.

"In all appearance, the main thing the Americans are craving for is to remove the Russian language from Ukrainian schools and for this holy purpose they seem to be prepared to victimize the interests of other ethnic groups living in Ukraine," Medvedchuk said.

The revamped Ukrainian law on education envisions that instruction in the languages of ethnic minorities will remain in the curriculums of Ukrainian schools only in the elementary school as of 2018 while all the education process in the secondary and high school and at universities will change over to the Ukrainian language.

Peter Szijjarto said in this connection the law ran counter to the EU values and was a stab in Hungary's back. Hence Budapest would counteract its implementation on international floors.

The Hungarian government has turned to the European security organization OSCE, the UN and the European commission for enlargement and neighborhood policy with requests to offer their reactions to the law.

[Source: Itar Tass, Kiev, 14Sep17]

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