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Joseph Dunford says Russia most military capable country of those posing threat to US

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, United States Marine Corps General Joseph Dunford believes that Russia has the greatest military potential among all the states that pose a threat to Washington. He said this on Saturday during a speech at a security forum in the US Aspen, Colorado. Dunford's speech was broadcast on the conference website.

Dunford came up with the statement that Russia is the greatest threat "from a state actor perspective" the US faces. He also named North Korea, Iran and China among other challenges.

The general stressed that among these countries, Russia is "most military capable country."

"I think from aggregate capacity and capability perspective Russia is the most capable state actor that we face," he said.

Dunford also stressed that the United States does not have the ability to "single out only one of the threats." He pointed out that North Korea is the US' number one challenge "from sense of urgency perspective.".

[Source: Itar Tass, New York, 23Jul17]

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