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Ecuador - Urgent: Arbitray detention and fear of torture

Derechos Human Rights requests your immediate attention and action on
the arbitrary detention and possible torture of more than 10 people,
including members of the Otavalo Indigenous community in Ecuador.

On February 12, 1998, members of the Ecuadorian army broke into the
home of Servulo Rodrigo Tenorio, and arbitrarily detained him, taking
him to an unknown location.

More than 10 other people were detained and possibly tortured while
detained at a military base, among them a member of the Huaycopungo
indigenous community.

Members of the Regional Foundation for Human Rights Aid,
together with members of Derechos Human Rights, visited the
Huaycopungo indigenous community and established that members of the
Ecuadorian army went into the community wearing hoods and heavily
armed in order to detain several indigenous people, accusing them of
selling military uniforms.

The detainees were held incommunicado for more than four days at a
military base, where they were interrogated and reportedly tortured by
the military.

Under Ecuadorian law the Army is not allowed to arrest or hold
civilians on military bases.

Please send letters and/or faxes to the following addresses:

- expressing concern at reports that the detainees have been
arbitrarily detained, held incommunicado, and tortured

- seeking assurances that those detained will be protected from
further torture

- requesting that those detained be transferred into the custody of
civilian law enforcement and granted access to lawyers, medical care,
and their families


General Ramiro Ricaurte Yanez
Ministro de Defensa
Ministerio de Defensa

Dr. Fabian Alarcon
Presidente de la Republica
Palacio de Gobierno
Fax: +593.2.580.735
Fax: +593.2.580.142 
Fax: +593.2.580.750
Fax: +593.2.580.716
Telphone: +593.2.584.833

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